Hand made metal jewelry

Elena Canter is a designer and sculptor who has been creating her handmade jewelry in Spain since 1988. Industrial aesthetical structures and her love for rust and metal inspire a large part of her jewelry. Other sources of inspiration are Africa and the spirit of the tribal jewelry; the knots and spirals of Celtic culture; mediaeval coats of mail or epic comics. Artistic movements such as Cubism, Art-Decó or modern architecture are some of the reasons reinterpreted from a contemporary perspective.


A vigorous stroke is the birth of a jewel by Elena Canter, a Spanish jewelry designer. In the process the scenes of her life act significantly: The industrial Bilbao appears overwhelming and brings a unique perspective; space creative, feeding, geometric sets of cranes and power lines, forest fires...  helixes and spirals inserted in rusty machines. Crossroads of railroads spitting the smell of rust and sea. The Ibiza of her youth brings colour and fantasy and transforms this force into a hug. In this encounter, the artist poses the full force of her message on her skin . Half-curves, vertices and edges become a jewel´s caress. Her pieces, which are manufactured in Spain, are anatomical, in a conscientious and ritual process.

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